• Under contractual manufacturing arrangements nature of transaction & legal relationship will be that of seller and buyer. Ownership of the brand name will be yours & responsibility of product quality will be ours.
  • Minimum batch size for tablets and capsules will be 1 lakh units. For costly products smaller batch sizes are possible. For Oral Liquids minimum batch size will be of 5000 phials. For External Preparations minimum batch size will be 5000 units. Batch size of Liquid injections will depend of product to be manufactured. Cost of product will vary with size of batch to be manufactured.
  • For Tablets & Capsules per product Rs. 5000/-will be charged towards cylinder and packing material stock keeping as onetime expense with order. For Liquids per product Rs.1000/-will be charged towards packing material stock keeping as onetime expense. For Ointments you may provide us printed tubes or pay Rs.1000/-per color towards plate making charges as expense and amount of unused tubes less than 15000 tubes as deposit. Deposit will be settled on final discontinuation of product after deduction of amount for unused tubes. If injections are to be packed in blister then we will charge Rs. 2500 towards cylinder & packing material store as onetime expense.
  • For 1st batch normally goods will be ready for dispatch within 45-50 days after receipt of product permission & design finalization. Then after repeat batches will be ready within 35-40 days of receipt of written order with part advance payment.
  • Goods will be priced at net rates and depending on input cost, with each order price of the product will be confirmed before undertaking manufacturing activities. Goods are priced ex-factory and transportation, freight, insurance, taxes etc. are to be paid as per actual.
  • 50% of estimated cost is to be paid along with order & rest against dispatch.
  • Goods will be delivered to your transporter in transport worthy packing & on to-pay basis. Goods will be insured for transits but in case of breakage/ shortage during transportation our role will be limited to facilitate your claim with transporter and insuring company.
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